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The tourist office is open
from tuesday to friday : 9.30am - 12.15am
and 2pm - 6pm
on saturday : 10am - 12.30am and 2pm - 4.30pm.
Closed on sunday and monday.

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Entertainment in the territory

Risle and and Charentonne


Many leisure activities are offered in the territory of Intercom Risle and Charentonne !

From hiking to explore the landscapes of the Valley or plateau, riding to escape on the many trails, the Canoe to follow the meanders of Risle or fishing in the river or ponds on Grosley risle and the Soret Fountain, ideas abound for a pleasant stay.

Many associations help distract you and also offer a range of activities.

A Directory of Associations has been created for you. You’ll find all the activities available in the territory of the Intercom Risle and and Charentonne. A diversified range suitable for all, do not hesitate to push the door of many clubs.

Passionate about their craft, professionals open their workshop to let you discover their world and their creation.

They can also introduce you to various techniques in areas such as pottery, art framing or learning painting or drawing. If you fancy have a nice time, do not hesitate to contact them for an introduction.