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Stay in the Intercom

Risle et Charentonne country

Are you looking for a room, a gîte, a group gîte, a hotel with character or a stop-off?

Gîtes: the peace of the countryside

If you want a cosy, peaceful spot close to nature in a welcoming area, come and stay in Beaumont-le-
Roger, Serquigny, Nassandres or in one of the neighbouring communes.

In the Risle valley, or on the Neubourg plateau, gîtes are plentiful and guarantee you a get-away in the heart of Normandy. Whether for a weekend or a longer stay, rest assured that you will spend a very agreeable holiday in our Normandy region.

Considerable choice of accommodation: a gîte nestling in the heart of the forest, a thatched cottage in a verdant nook, on a farm close to animals, in an equestrian centre amid horses or in a gypsy caravan, and if you like hunting for antiques, we can also offer you a “brocante” gîte. Come with your family, your friends or your lover!

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Guesthouses: the charm of the countryside

Crossing through our picturesque roads spread among the little villages off the beaten track, you will be captivated by our rustic dwellings with thatched roofs and intertwined timbers that remind us we’re in Normandy.

The choice is vast: to stay in pretty thatched cottages or to enjoy the impressive character houses that punctuate the Beaumontais country. You will be able to escape into the remote countryside or return to the past, thanks to the beautifully decorated guesthouses that the owners have worked on to delight and amuse you.

If there are no bounds to your curiosity, why not try sleeping in a magnificent caravan, evoking the Bohemian life and unfettered horses in the meadow closeby. Rest assured, comfort is guaranteed!

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Character hotels or a stop-off: each to their own!

For a business, sports, gourmet or simple pleasure stop-over, the family hotels offer you a warm welcome and will meet your expectations.

During each stop-over, you will be able to discover the Intercom Risle and Charentonne country that offers the calm of the river, the pleasure of the forest and the rarity of its monuments and exceptional sites.

From little hotels with giant charm to commercial stop-overs, numerous possibilities are on offer.

Don’t look any further, come and join us now!

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